Tuesday, 8 April 2014

April... where to begin?!

If you haven't noticed already, we are holding a Retro Sweets Giveaway in conjunction with keepitsweet.co.uk as a BIG BANANARY THANKYOU to you, our fans!

Jump on over to our FREE STUFF page for more info, where we are also offering you a 15% discount off of EVERYTHING at boardology.co.uk =D

In just 4 months we now have over 22,000 views on our YouTube channel, climbing upto our 100 subscriber milestone, and over 10,000 hits here @ teambanana.co.uk

It is your likes, views, +1s, shares, positive comments, and subscribes, that enable us to bring you rewards, so hopefully this will be the first of many giveaways. =)

Team Banana @the Science Museum London - Boonana J

Another Thank You needs to go out to everyone one that has been inviting us to their events, functions, parties, and businesses, they are all very much appreciated, and we try to attend what we can.

Thank You to everyone who has been supporting teambanana.co.uk via services, and donations of equipment, and we understand that not everyone wants to be named.
These are two things that we deeply value, and are greatly appreciated, as they allow us to give more back to our fans, providing a broader range of content, with increases in quality, so again Thank You.

Speaking of donate equipment, one of the most recently donated pieces of brand new shiny equipment was some rather nice full HD recording hardware.
We have yet to test it with a PC, particularly with PC games, and also with retro/standard def consoles, but we are pleased to say it does a good job recording xbox360 and playstation3 footage, so expect to see some letsplay content appearing in the near future. =)

You may have noticed that teambanana.co.uk has yet again some new graphics, bringing themed page headers into the equation. Conceived by Boonana J, with thanks to Laggyzaki, the artist behind their creation!

Those of you that have seen us at events or even just in our travels will have noticed our team hoodies have been finished and delivered thanks to inkandstitch.co.uk

Boonana J and team member Helen (aka The Bean) will be attending the Gadget Show Live event at the end of this week, having a look at all the gadget goodness.

If you happen to see us, feel free to say hello, and if you have your 2DS/3DS + pokémon X or Y with you, we may even give a Pokémon or two to away =)

Thursday, 27 February 2014

In February...

As we draw closer to March we say goodbye to a rather busy month!

Serious Business is now finished and as expected, has successfully survived his first day of combat.

Click HERE or visit the Robots page to read more and check out the videos.

We are now using yet another HD video camera, this being our third and highest quality camera yet, and is brimming with features. At this rate we will own the full range of Panasonic cameras... how about an endorsement agreement Panasonic? =D

There are more videos on the way, and some of you may have noticed that our recent videos have again increased in quality, we've even thrown in a little more production value.
If you haven't noticed, jump on over to the YouTube channel, and compare the latest videos to the first few videos... the very first being the easycap tutorial, yikes!

Various parts of the website have been updated in the ongoing catchup, including a little update on the competitions page, which you can find by clicking Free Stuff!

So, have a poke around, see what has changed, and stand by for more Bananery-goodness.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

So far in 2014...

As some of you may have noticed, the website has undergone a few improvements these past few days, adding some new sections to pave the way for what is to come.

Amongst the improvements we have started the introductions for our contributing cosplay models, which you will be seeing more of over the next few weeks...

Kasane - Juliet Starling
So what else is happening behind the scenes...?

A lot of time has been put into the website improvements, as well as arranging and organising upcoming projects and events.

In between this, Boonana J has been working on our team's combat robot, getting it ready for it's debut at Durham University in February.

Laggyzaki is currently working on some new graphics for the website, and will be flexing his 3D design skills while working on some of the upcoming projects with Boonana J!

Everyone is super busy, and we are looking forward to sharing it all with you!

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, G+, and facebook to keep up to date with the latest from Team Banana, and keep your eyes peeled for our first competition! =D

Thursday, 2 January 2014


We hope everyone has enjoyed the winter holidays and welcoming in the new year!

One thing we noticed while partaking in the festivities, is that there are far too many adverts in life...
Everywhere you look adverts...

So to start this new year off, and as a big THANK YOU to our fans there will no longer be any adverts on our YouTube channel! =D

I'm sure everyone will appreciate this decision, and that everything Team Banana is doing is nonprofit and completely funded on a shoe string by us!

Keep watching, like us, follow us, subscribe, spread the word, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Is a full screen 2DS possible?

A single screened 2DS "what I dub the 2DS XL", is something I would very much like to see in the near future, and can't help but feel that Nintendo really missed the cash camel on this one when they released the 2DS in it's current form.

After a conversation with TheCongressman1, whose concept art "as featured on ars technica" depicts almost exactly what I had envisioned for this handheld, he asked me if his concept art could have been realized by Nintendo.

As this is a question on many peoples minds, I decided to address this subject in this video:

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Recruiting Models

Yes, Team Banana is looking for some friendly and enthusiastic models to contribute content to a new aspect we are launching here @ Team Banana!
This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to something new, and get yourself promoted by our team!
If you are a model, or just into cosplay, and would like the chance to contribute to our cosplay section, then we want to hear from you!

You could even be featured in one of our upcoming videos, and may even get the chance to be the model for one of our projects!

For more information you can contact Team Banana/ Boonana J on Facebook, Google+, YouTube, and Twitter.
Please note you must be 18 or over to participate.


In anticipation of the creation of Team Banana's new hoodies and t-shirts, we now have some new and shiner graphics in the team logo department, thanks to our digital artist and team contributor Laggyzaki.

This is the very same Laggyzaki that recreated created the Final Fantisy 7 church in the unreal engine, and was featured on Kotaku.

You can find the article HERE

With over 75k views, here is the video: