Tuesday, 10 March 2015

New Website Soon!

We have stopped updating this old blogger site as of the last Beardvember update, but we are very much alive and here! Infact there has been a lot happening while we have been quiet on here and our new shiny spangly dedicated website launch is just around the corner!

If anyone happens to be going to the Big Bang Faire at Brimingham NEC, why not drop by and say hi at the BATTLE OF THE DRONES arena, where we will be working with ExtremeFliers.co.uk to debue the new Micro Drone 3.0, and support the UKs very first drone combat event!

 Meanwhile keep watching us on YouTube and see you right here at the new site!

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Monday, 10 November 2014


Hello TeamBanana.co.uk fans, it's been a while since we have updated the website, but that's because we are working on a BRAND NEW SITE! 8D

Before we get into what we have been recently we would like to mention Boonana J's fundraising competition BEARDvember. This is his version of Movember that he started several years ago, and if you haven't guessed already, instead of a mustache, he grows the manliest beard he can muster in just one month to raise money for the fight against cancer.


Boonana J
"Over the next month I shall be undertaking the growth of the manliest beard I can muster, resisting the ever increasing urge to shave, and enduring itchy peril for the good fight.

Donations of any quantity are welcome, and in true TeamBanana.co.uk spirit I will be holding a competition for everyone whose donated.

In the first week of December I shall shave my BEARDvember beard, and weigh it. Whoever guesses closest to the beards shaven weight will be the new proud owner of a £20 Steam Voucher which can be redeemed on Steam against any game of the winners choice."

To enter this competition there are 3 simple steps.

1.Donate via text message or the JustGiving page.

Text BERD69 £1 to 70070  (

If you would like to donate more than £1, replace it with one of the following: £2, £3, £4, £5, £6, £7, £8, £9, £10.)
Visit the online JustGiving page HERE

2. Jump over to one on our social network sites: Google+  facebook  Twitter

Under our BEARDvember post, tell us how much you donated, and how much you think my shaven beard will weigh in grams to one decimal place (eg 1.5g).

3. Then like and share the post, SIMPLE!

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Awesome August...

August has been yet another busy month for us here at TeamBanana.co.uk!




   Boonana J's custom kicks

Did you notice the random trainer teaser at the beginning of last months post? Well here is the first sneak peak of Boonana J's custom shoe project, as debuted at Multiplay's Insomnia 52 gaming event. These are a very exclusive and unique pair of shoes, being the only pair that Boonana J has modded in this style, and the only ones in existence, they really are a show stealer.

Boonana J has modified other pairs of shoes for some very select customers over the last two years, including dancers, musicians, and actors. On average this bespoke service has been selling for around £700+ per supplied pair, and understandably so. The work put into these shoes shows they have been hand made with a lot of care and attention with no expense spared. Keep posted as we will be bringing you more on these incredible shoes, and for anyone interested in this service, please contact Boonana J via our social network pages.

So as we mentioned above, we have attended the most recent event in the iSeries, Insomnia 52. Here is our snapshot video of the event, and to see the full interviews, either click the in video links or visit our YouTube channel page: HERE

Team Banana @ Insomnia 52 - Boonana J & The Bean - Multiplay

Sips & Hatflms playing gMurder - YogsCast i52         

Yes indeed whilst there we discovered what the latest tech from Cooler Master UK is, found out the latest progress in both Evolve & Borderlands: The Pre Sequel from 2k Games, and caught up with some of our indie devs including the guys from Terra Tech and Space Farmers. Oh... and did we forget to mention we were on stage with the YogsCast?

As per usual the Boonana J Steadycam grabbed a lot of attention, this time being recognized by attending fans who have followed the project and made one of their own!

Boonana J
- "I find it incredible the number of people this open source project has helped, it's great to know people are getting involved and making good use of it, and I think it's nice for people to not only save money but prove they can make something useful themselves. Thanks to everyone that has said hello and everyone that has made this project and linked to the project page."

Make yours: HERE!

The Boonana J Steadycam can be seen here being sported by one of the lovely artists from GameTee.co.uk. Game Tee have a large range of unique talented and hand designed gaming merchandise, from t-shirts, to hoodies, to art prints, wallets, phone cases, and much much more. Watch out for more from GameTee.co.uk here on TeamBanana.co.uk as we have a give away coming up for some of the beautiful Sumi-e style Pokémon inspired art prints hand signed by the artist herself.

Team Banana with the Ultra Gaming Bus & Richer Sounds @ Insomnia 52 - Boonana J

The Ultra Gaming Bus was also at i52 with their sponsors from Richer Sounds Leicester.

Why not visit their website: HERE... you can even see Boonana J and The Bean in the background of their auto-playing video =)

Well that's a wrap for this months update, plenty of projects on the go, competitions coming up for our fans, and many more events in the pipeline!

...stop reading this and SUBSCRIIIIBE!!! xD





Monday, 11 August 2014


Hello good peoples of the interwebs, it's that time again, so here we go with the latest update!

There has been much more behind the scenes activity over the past month which is why things may seem a little quieter from us here at TeamBanana.co.uk, but there is lots happening at the moment in the way of projects and other commitments.

Boonana J - "It's brilliant to see that our fan-base continues to grow and more importantly, just how many people are being helped by my tutorial videos and how many people are enjoying our other videos. There have been some great comments from you guys, all of which are appreciated, so keep them coming and thanks for watching."

"A quick shout out to Arran from Nintendo Street Pass Newcastle. Arran was one of the first people to come to me with the 3DSxl screen protection issue, and it was his 3DSxl that I created the solution for." Boonana J's 3DSxl screen protection solution can be found in the video below.

3DS/xl Boonana J screen protection mod - (folding handhelds)

You may have noticed that we have been experimenting with a new recording set as can be seen in our latest video on the CM Storm Pulse-R gaming headset from Cooler Master. We quite like the new set, so this could be something we develop for upcoming videos.

Pulse-R Gaming Headset review and thoughts - Boonana J

Over the past few months, and in his spare time Laggyzaki has been working on a Doom 3 remake of the original Doom game. The map designated to his talents was the memorable E2M7, and progress has now reached the point that he is able to bring us this impressive sneak peak video.

Doom E2M7 remake in Doom 3 :: Game Design

We have a few more companies on-board with some of the projects we are working on, and are about to start the wheels turning for our first official PC mod project in which you can expect the usual Boonana J build quality. We are also pleased to announce that we have support from our first musician The VIRUS Empire, so keep an ear out for his Lo-fi chip tunes in our upcoming videos.

A BIG THANKYOU again to all our fans that helped Terra Tech meet its Kickstarter funding target. The Terra Tech team are a grateful for everyone's contributions and we can officially tell you that they are working full steam on the game. Look out for some of our upcoming videos on this game as we receive the latest builds in its development.

Team Banana Plays Terra Tech Pre Alpha - Boonana J & The Bean

As usual, much more to come as we grow closer to more upcoming events and the culmination of some of our projects. =)

Monday, 16 June 2014

The goings on of June...

As each month goes by, things are becoming increasingly busy, and are being contacted by some interesting people to say the least.

You will now start to find a few more companies being added to our Hall of Fame section, and should be seeing more involvement from these soon.

Another big THANK YOU to everyone that has been inviting us to events. We never cease to be taken back by some of the invites we get, and we do our best to attend what we can. Thanks to the guys from Street Pass Newcastle, who recently held their Mario kart 8 launch party, and Thanks to all the Maker groups. One of our invites is taking us to Maker Faire Rome! =D

 We have rolled out our new updated graphics onto Google+, YouTube, facebook, and twitter,  care of Laggyzaki. So we hope you are enjoying the new look. =)

As if you haven't heard, we held a Retro Sweet Giveaway competition, in conjunction with our supporters at Keepitsweet.co.uk. Our happy winners have now received their prizes and have been sharing some pictures with us. =)

The Boonana J camera stabilizer project is starting to go viral, being called the best diy fig rig alternative, we are seeing more and more of these being built. It's fantastic to see this project is helping so many people, and we appreciate all the thanks we have been receiving, especially the pictures!

Some of you have even been modifying the project to suit your needs, and that is exactly what this project was for. To provide a simple, cheap, easy to make, fig rig alternative that can be trusted to support expensive camera equipment, and as a base for people to build upon to suit their individual needs.

Again anyone who would like to make this is free to do so, all we ask is that you reference and link to www.teambanana.co.uk and the project page HERE.

Speaking of projects, we have launched a new page in the Projects section called Projects of the Past, this will be home to a series that visits some of Boonana J's past projects, way before all the bananary-goodness.

There have been two issues of this series posted so far, the latest being The Über PC.
Intel Australia are one of the many companies that have been interested in this past project and have called it "A Great Read!"

Boonana J: "Recently I spent some time trawling through some old hard drives in search of any images from my past projects. I wasn't holding much hope, as most of the drives had been wiped or re-purposed, but to my surprise, I did find some images left.. To give you an idea of the age of the drives, most of them were only 12GB. I think it's always nice for people to be able to see that there is evidence of the things you have been talking about, which it why I thought it important to look."

There have been some updates to the Gaming section, where you will see some of the many games we have had our hands on lately, so go check that out!

The Bean has been doing her bit for charity, and can been seen here with the excellent guys from the 99th Garrison after completing her charity race. =D

The 99th Garrison are an avid group of Star Wars fans from the dark side, who actually do a lot of good fund raising for many charities. Great costumes and keep up the good work 99th!.


More videos in the pipeline, more projects, and more events, so keep watching, liking, subscribing =D

Sunday, 4 May 2014

May the fourth be with you!

Our Retro Sweet Giveaway ends 12 midnight on the 4th, so if you haven't entered yet, get liking, as there is still time!

We will be selecting the winners over the next few days and contacting them by the end of the week, so keep an eye out for a facebook message if you have entered as it could be YOU! =D

Like the page HERE to enter, and Happy Star Wars Day.

Lots of exciting things are happening at the moment, as bigger and bigger companies want to take part in what Boonana J and teambanana.co.uk are doing, with our latest friends being Western Digital.

As you may already know, last month teambanana.co.uk were at the Gadget Show Live 2014 in the Birmingham NEC arena. Here's a mash up of some of the great companies and tech at the Gadget Show, and we are pleased to say that we have picked up some interesting friends along the way! =D

Team Banana @ The Gadget Show Live 2014 - Boonana J

So what is Boonana J upto...
"Amongst many other things, I have been testing and enjoying some of the recent pre-alpha games that we have been sent from our participating game developers, and we will be putting together some videos on these soon.

I am currently working on a few props for the gaming industry which I am looking forward to showing everyone, and providing all continues to go to plan, will hopefully be taking one or two of them to the Insomnia gaming festival run by our friends from Multiplay later this year."

"My mind is always bursting with ideas and projects, but something I am aiming to achieve in the future is a unique gaming PC like no other. It has been something that has been lurking in the back of my mind for some time now, becoming harder and harder to ignore. The ASUS Gaming Monitor repair was the last straw, as it reminded me of some of the great and entirely unique machines I have built in the past. To achieve my vision for this build, it is going to take some good contribution and support from our friends and participating companies, but I am more than confident that if this project goes ahead, everyone involved will be suitably impressed and proud to be part of it... we'll see..."

The Bean holding our Makers Faire passes

We have recently been to the UK Makers Faire, where we got to meet lots of interesting people and see some great projects that were really engaging the public.

Team Banana @ The Maker Faire UK 2014 - Boonana J

Shapeways staff with the steadycam

As per usual, the Boonana J steady cam received a huge amount of attention, with yet more people planning to build their own! =D

Shapeways were one of the attending companies, displaying an impressive array of their 3D printing.

Plenty more to come, so watch this space as we continue to improve, evolve, and achieve. =D

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

April... where to begin?!

If you haven't noticed already, we are holding a Retro Sweets Giveaway in conjunction with keepitsweet.co.uk as a BIG BANANARY THANKYOU to you, our fans!

Jump on over to our FREE STUFF page for more info, where we are also offering you a 15% discount off of EVERYTHING at boardology.co.uk =D

In just 4 months we now have over 22,000 views on our YouTube channel, climbing upto our 100 subscriber milestone, and over 10,000 hits here @ teambanana.co.uk

It is your likes, views, +1s, shares, positive comments, and subscribes, that enable us to bring you rewards, so hopefully this will be the first of many giveaways. =)

Team Banana @the Science Museum London - Boonana J

Another Thank You needs to go out to everyone one that has been inviting us to their events, functions, parties, and businesses, they are all very much appreciated, and we try to attend what we can.

Thank You to everyone who has been supporting teambanana.co.uk via services, and donations of equipment, and we understand that not everyone wants to be named. These are two things that we deeply value, and are greatly appreciated, as they allow us to give more back to our fans, providing a broader range of content, with increases in quality, so again Thank You.

You may have noticed that teambanana.co.uk has yet again some new graphics, bringing themed page headers into the equation. Conceived by Boonana J, with thanks to Laggyzaki, the artist behind their creation!

Those of you that have seen us at events or even just in our travels will have noticed our team hoodies have been finished and delivered thanks to inkandstitch.co.uk

Boonana J and team member Helen (aka The Bean) will be attending the Gadget Show Live event at the end of this week, having a look at all the gadget goodness.

If you happen to see us, feel free to say hello, and if you have your 2DS/3DS + pokémon X or Y with you, we may even give a Pokémon or two to away =)

Friday, 28 February 2014

In February...

As we draw closer to March we say goodbye to a rather busy month!

Serious Business is now finished and as expected, has successfully survived his first day of combat.

Click HERE or visit the Robots page to read more and check out the videos.

We are now using yet another HD video camera, this being our third and highest quality camera yet, and is brimming with features. At this rate we will own the full range of Panasonic cameras... how about an endorsement agreement Panasonic? =D

There are more videos on the way, and some of you may have noticed that our recent videos have again increased in quality, we've even thrown in a little more production value.
If you haven't noticed, jump on over to the YouTube channel, and compare the latest videos to the first few videos... the very first being the easycap tutorial, yikes!

Various parts of the website have been updated in the ongoing catchup, including a little update on the competitions page, which you can find by clicking Free Stuff!

So, have a poke around, see what has changed, and stand by for more Bananery-goodness.

Sunday, 19 January 2014

So far in 2014...

As some of you may have noticed, the website has undergone a few improvements these past few days, adding some new sections to pave the way for what is to come.

Amongst the improvements we have started the introductions for our contributing cosplay models, which you will be seeing more of over the next few weeks...

Kasane - Juliet Starling
So what else is happening behind the scenes...?

A lot of time has been put into the website improvements, as well as arranging and organising upcoming projects and events.

In between this, Boonana J has been working on our team's combat robot, getting it ready for it's debut at Durham University in February.

Laggyzaki is currently working on some new graphics for the website, and will be flexing his 3D design skills while working on some of the upcoming projects with Boonana J!

Everyone is super busy, and we are looking forward to sharing it all with you!

Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel, G+, and facebook to keep up to date with the latest from Team Banana, and keep your eyes peeled for our first competition! =D